My name is Ray Rimmer and I am an architectural and fine art photographer living in Sonoma, California. I flew for many years as a commercial pilot (no longer) and much of my photography is from my travels. I also photograph residential and commercial interiors and exteriors for architects, designers, builders and the real estate community.

I’ve photographed for most of my adult life, beginning in college (University of Texas) with Polaroid film and moving to film cameras, medium and small; I began using digital cameras in 2003 and shoot film infrequently now. As I look back over my work, it is overwhelmingly of people, architecture and landscapes, street photography. I look to photograph mostly strangers on the streets and sidewalks that I frequent, in this country and abroad, the human element in the urban environment. Well, non-humans too!

I hope to bring some interesting and refreshing photographs to this site and I plan to update them frequently if not daily. All photographs here are copyrighted by me, Ray Rimmer. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Ray Rimmer

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Missy Taylor

    Exquisite photographs, Ray! Thank you for your very fine eye and for the heart you bring to your vision.

    Enjoy this beautiful day,

  2. Karen Mireau

    Great eye/hand coordination, Ray . . . Love the Havana photos especially, as well as those in Lisbon. Wow.
    Happiness & Inspiration,


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